This is an invitation.

Join us on an exciting voyage to the future.

After the launch of the Magic Leap One AR-goggles (or if they will launch) we believe that the current challenge of mobility with Augmented Reality enabled solutions has been pretty much resolved. For us this is as exciting as the release of the first iPhone if not more so. Top this off with Varjo's recent announcement at Slush for their tech, the landscape of AR/MR is hotter than ever.

We believe the future holds great things for AR/MR and now the focus has shifted from hardware to software. To envision solutions that are desirable by the users, viable for business and technically feasible in this new design domain.

But before we can do that, we need a Point of View and guidelines for this.
 As well as a discussion on the design ethics.

This is why we are calling all business, product and service design professionals as well as students to take part in a voyage to shape this future hybrid world of ours.

Eficode invites you to an afternoon and evening of lectures and round table conversations supported by food and drinks.

Tuesday 30.01.


Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 25,


Program for the day:

Kauri Salonen

Embrace the intertwined

Kauri Salonen


Juska Teittinen

Why people order beer in a virtual bar?

Juska Teittinen

Homeless designer

Michihito Mizutani

Applying AR to Industry

Michihito Mizutani

Siili Solutions

Round table conversation

Point of view for business viable Augmented / Mixed Reality.

Let’s talk about how we will design and shape our futures, in a world where the digital and physical are seamlessly intertwined.

Interested to hop on board?

Captains of the voyage: Eficode